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Starting in 1970 Cannon family Contracting was started by three Cannon brothers. They moved from Green Spring,WV to Bismark North Dakota in the wake of a small construction boom. The youngest, David, moved home to West Virginia in the early 80s and started what would become known as Cannon Contracting, then Cannon drywall, and eventually DHC Construction©. With David Cannon Sr. at the helm Cannon Contracting would become one of the fastest growing Contracting Companies in the Tri-State area. With impressive contracts with Taco Bell, The State of West Virginia (Capon Bridge Elementary School), and exclusive drywall contracting rights on the entire Woods Resort and Golf Course in Winchester, VA the Company peaked in 1993 with 73 Employees. David Seniors son David Hugh Cannon graduated college from West Virginia University in 2012  and was formally passed the reins and given the duty of carrying on the families legacy. David Juniors first move was to diversify the company; he holds a General contractor license, Structural Steel Contractor license, and a Specialty Contractor License. With a new name , business model and new order of operations, his wishes to prove he could start  a brand new company from ground  as his father did, a have became reality. His switch has paid off. "It's a good feeling having a reputation for doing exceptional work, It is certainly what keeps  homeowners coming our way. "

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